2.45″ Touch Screen

2.45″ Screen

Touch Screen Control

Double-side Overturn

Bring your creativity to the next level with the beautiful and innovative 2.45″ touch screen that allows you to monitor the camera’s field of view and control all camera settings. Just tap the screen to access the easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Smooth Videos and Sharp Photos

The MOIN Camera has a powerful 1/2.3″ sensor which produces high quality images with low noise. The camera can take 12MP photos, 4K video at 60fps, and 8x slow motion which empowers you to capture life the way it deserves.

4K/60fps Video

1/2.3″ Sensor

12MP Photo

256g External Storage & 145 mins Battery Life

3-Axis Motorized Anti-shake Camera

MOIN Camera, packs into the handle an innovative touch screen control system, integrated image processor, and “Deep Red” anti-shake motor control algorithm. Even while filming on the move the MOIN Camera produces ultra-smooth footage because of professional cinema industry technology and 3-axis stabilization.

120° FOV – Bigger World On The Move

The camera has a 120° FOV lens, great for capturing selfie videos, or establishing shots of vast landscapes. The MOIN Camera is going to improve your video-making skills by allowing you, the content creator, to focus on the subject.

60s Long Exposure Be the Master of the Night

The MOIN Camera has Night Mode which provides up to 60s of exposure time. Now capture incredible creative shots in low light like the stars or the shimmer of the moonlight’s glow.

Edit in Seconds

The MOIN Camera is rich and simple to use with Magic Mode. Simply select the template and follow the on-screen tips to create your next masterpiece.

Magic Mode

MOZA Digital Stereo System

MOIN Camera offers an elevated filming experience with built-in high-quality stereo microphones. This stereo pair of microphones features improved pickup performance, intelligent noise reduction, and uncolored sound.

Mighty and Smooth in Every Moment

Face Tracking

Keep the face in center with face tracking. This feature automatically recognizes and follows the face in the frame while moving.

Fast Continuous Shooting

In continuous shooting mode, 9 pictures can be taken continuously in just one click. Never miss a once in a lifetime moment.


The gimbal’s automatic rotating feature makes capturing beautifully smooth, wide panoramic scenes easy.


Create interesting videos over a period of time using time-lapse. Capture share-worthy moments in process like sunset or sunrise with ease.

Slow Motion

Magnify the beauty with cinematic drama and flare with 8x slow motion.

Intelligent Silent Transfer

MOIN Camera uses Intelligent Silent Transfer to speed up transfer time between the smartphone and the stored media on the MOIN Camera. The MOZA Artist App can also be set to automatically import all media stored on the MOIN Camera. During this mode the gimbal and smartphone will remain connected via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi while the files are transferred.

MOZA Artist App

When you’re done filming download the video clips to a smartphone and use the Moza Artist App to intelligentially edit the video, add filters, effects, music, and more. 

Ready to Shoot Anywhere

Travel Blogs


Seize The World In Hand




2.45″ Touch Screen



Controllable Speed


Operating Time

145 mins 



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