NEEWER 120cm Motorized Camera Slider withApp Wireless Control Carbon Fiber Dolly Rail Slider, Support Video Mode


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NEEWER 47.2”/120cm Motorized Camera Slider, App Wireless Control Carbon Fiber Dolly Rail Slider, Support Video Mode, Time Lapse Photography, Horizontal, Tracking and 120° Panoramic Shooting (ER1-120)

【Versatile & Smooth Camera Slider】This 47.2”/120cm long remote camera slider automatically moves your camera back and forth for professional video shooting. The maximum load capacity is 11lb/5kg when placed horizontally and 5.5lb/2.5kg when tilted up 45°


【Smart Two Way Control】The slider supports both App control (download the NEEWER app) and 2.4G upgraded RT-08 remote control (included). Designed with manual mode, video mode (with constant speed, slow start/stop), and time lapse, the slider automatically moves your camera back and forth from a preset start point to an end point. Better control camera motion by changing slider settings including frames, video length, interval, shutter speed (App), exposure time (remote)


【Powerful yet Silent Motor】The ER1-120 slider is powered by an upgraded powerful motor, providing smooth and silent camera movement for video production without worrying about buzzing background noise. Use the included 2600mAh NP-F550 lithium ion battery and USB charger, or the 5V 2A type C power jack to connect to a portable charger to power the motor and start filming for hours on end


【Multiple Shooting Angles】Featuring adjustment knobs on both sides of the slider to achieve different shooting angles, adjust one knob to lower left and the other to upper right for tracking shots, set one knob to upper left and the other to lower right for 120° panoramas, and resume both knobs to their middle positions for horizontal shots. The slider can also be placed at a 45° tilt angle or 90° vertically


【Sturdy yet Lightweight Build】The carbon fiber build guarantees sturdy and stable structure while making the slider lightweight for outdoor photography. The featured 4 roller bearings provides extra balance and anti shake effects. With 1/4” and 3/8” threaded holes at the bottom and on sides, the slider can easily mount on a tripod

Designed for professional photography, NEEWER 47.2”/120cm motorized slider provides smooth and easily-controlled camera motion. With smart App control or remote control, easily make your camera move from side to side and provide sophisticated control over your camera movement. Capable of controlling the slider from 32.8 ft/10m away.

Supports manual settings, video tracking, and time-lapse shooting. Set start/end point, frames, video length, interval, shutter speed (App), exposure time (remote) with ease. Number of shots and shooting time are auto-calculated based on slider settings.

Driven by a powerful and silent motor and powered by 2600mAh NP-F550 battery, the slider moves your camera silently for long-hour filming. Supports multiple angle shooting: 120° panorama shooting, vertical, horizontal, or 45° tilt up.

The carbon fiber material makes the slider durable and sturdy, yet lightweight enough to be carried around, suited for outdoor photography.



Material: Carbon fiber, aluminum alloy

Manual Setting: Supported

Video Shooting: Supported

Time-lapse Shooting: Supported

Panoramic Video: Supported, 120°

Customizable Settings: Speed, sliding method (constant speed or slow-start/stop), point A/B, loop, frames, video length, interval, shutter speed (App), exposure time (remote)

Maximum Load Capacity: 11lb/5kg (when placed horizontally); 5.5lb/2.5kg (when tilted at 45-degree)

Length: 47.2”/120cm

Wireless Control Range: Up to 32.8’/10m

Slider Weight (with motor): 6.1lb/2.76kg

Total Weight (entire kit): 9.9lb/4.5kg


Material: Plastics

Transmission: 2.4G

Power Supply: 5V 0.5A

Built-in Battery: 1000mah

Package Contents:

1 x Motorized Camera Slider

1 x RT-08 Remote Control

6 x Shutter Release Cable (C1, C3, N1, N3, S1, S2)

1 x Hex Wrench

1 x Screw

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